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Molecular Bar Setup

Molecular mixology is the process of creating cocktails using the equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy. These methods enable the creation of greater intensities and varieties of flavour, flavour combinations and different ways of presenting drinks, for example using gels, powders, foams, atomised sprays etc., as well as affecting the appearance of the cocktail.
Bar Setup Facilities
In Service 1.Orieo cookies 2.Vodka Candy 3.Drunken chocolate 4.Alcoholic marshmallow 5.Drunken cineman balls 6.Alcoholic lollipop 7.Champagne tower
Inclusion Package Includes : Bar Display & Propsm,All Mixology Matetial,Personalised Logo Tagging & Stickering on Glassware,All Fancy Glassware,Tiki Glasses,LIIT Tubes,Monin & Marimbula Syrups,All Garnish Material,Molecular Material,Nitrogen,Dry Ice,Imported Straws & Stirrers
Other Sangria Bar: Jello Shots, Drunken gummy bears, Liquor Mouthfreshner
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