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Le Chaat Factory

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Le Chaat Factory

Let us tell you why these guys aren’t your run-of-the-mill chaat vendors. For starters, they’ve taken what was originally a street-side tradition, and made it high-end. Want chaat for a do? Trust us, bookmark them. They’ll cater to every need {literally}, from custom menus, to cutlery. Secondly, apart from replicating chaat flavours from a variety of regions in the country, they even introduce elements from other cuisines. Try their Thai bhaji, which is a version of the beloved pav bhaji, except as you can probably tell from the name, it comes with Thai curry instead of the regular bhaji. We also recommend trying their Chila, which comes with a stuffing of risotto rice. With over ten years of experience in the catering industry, these chefs promise high quality, and that special touch that one associates with an industry veteran

Catering Facilities
Specialities Attractive presentation Thai bhaji & Chila which comes with a stuffing of risotto rice.
Minimum Guarantee 100 People minimum 6 types of chaat dishes
Catering Cuisine
International International flavoured indian snacks
Indian Street Food
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  • Model C-CS-011-004
Rs 510
Ex Tax: Rs 510

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