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DJs & DVJs
  1. Rock your event with our DJ recommendations 

    A disc jockey (abbreviated D.J., DJ or deejay) is a person who mixes recorded music for an audience; in an event. DVJ means Disc Video Jockey who plays creative visuals for each song that the DJ plays or the live artist sings

DJ Barkha - YoutubeA girl on the DJ console sets the dance floor on fire as she spins music and makes the crowd go wild with her crazy mixes. Who said boys have all the fun? Meet Barkha Kaul, a model-cum-DJ from Delhi..
DJ Dheeraj - YoutubeDJ Dheeraj on the DJ console sets  the dance floor on fire as he spins music and makes the crowd go wild with these crazy mixex...
He's a professional DJ, a music producer, a music arranger and a creative re -mixer.And he also specialize in organising events. For him, “music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. And I truly believes that music speaks when words fail.”..
He was chosen as the best DJ in India in 2004-05 as he won the all India finals of the Times Music War of the DJs...in 2007, he was appointed as a judge by Times Music to judge the regional finals at Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi...
DJ Mash is a renowned DJ in the city. Addictive and Intoxicating is what they say when Mash is on the decks. His ability to channelize musical energy into untainted enthusiasm on the dance floor leaves his crowd always wanting more of him...
DJ / Producer / Remixer / Sound Recordist Rafsy’s versatility in various music genres has always created an ambience of taste, talent and celebration for all music lovers. It is DJ Rafsy’s passion, originality & individuality that set him apart from the world. It is not only his music that stand..
Its time again to wake up from monotony because of DJ Sameer Riz. Some of the most unique sounds and unusually magnetic mixes are loaded in his new album. Sounds that you know and love him for, and twists that you’ll start loving him for. He is sure to make you jump and shout in a musical ecstasy...
Intimately familiar with various genres of music & plays an essential blend of Commercial House , Electronic and Bollywood .His unique style of mixing and controlling the power of pioneer has enabled him to grow in this very competitive industry. Performed with many celebrities & well kno..
It is one of the best professional DJ service in India and the crew are dedicated to providing outstanding DJ service. Be it a wedding celebration, engagement party or cocktail party, he has the perfect music collection to make your occasion special. DJ Sukhbir is extremely professional and is known..
A great Sense of humour, crowd engagement skills make him out of the league as once he is on the stage his audience see a blend of DJ, Emcee, Singer and a performer all in one. His remixes have been on the top charts at various platforms and have released 2 Dance Music Albums in collaboration with a..
They provides the hottest and freshest music ranging from Bhangra, Hindi, Hip-Hop and more. With a wide range of packages that include awesome Dholis, Professional Sounds, an Incredible Dmx Lighting System, and a breath taking set up, they cater to all of your party needs...
Brand: Eventilators
A all time dj setup with basic light and sound for a small party of maximum 100ppl..
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