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Extravaganza Classic Wedding Entertainment Package

It’s no surprise that there are so many wedding based movies; weddings are a source of romance, glamour and yes lots of entertainment. When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference. The kind of entertainment you choose can make or break your wedding event.
Package Details
Bride Entry One flower decorated Palki or rectangular chatter, 4 Diya Girls, 4 Kid Pundit, 6 Flag Men, 4 Cold Pyro Men
Groom Entry One big and beautiful flower decorated Chatter, 6 Flag Men. 4 Cold Pyro Men
Guests Welcome 4 member shehnai band
Live Music Folk Fusion Sufi Band (name will be disclosed during finalising)
Sound & Light Setup Dj & Sound as per band technical riders(linears) and Light setup of single side truss of 24 feet or more width with 18 LED 6 Sharpy
Ver Mala Theme Flower Rain, Bubble Machine
Requirements from client
Accommodation To be provided if out of delhi
Stage Stage Platform with backdrop for artists minimum size 24 feet by 12 feet
Travel To be provided if out of delhi
Green Room 3 Green Rooms Compulsory
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