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Saltt Catering

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Saltt Catering

It all began with an endeavour to refine and redefine the fine dining experience for food lovers and connoisseurs. Backed with over twenty five years of culinary expertise and the experience of brands like Red Coral, Elevens, Nasha and Liquid Kiitchen - out outdoor catering brand SALTT was born.


Sammir completed his degree in Hotel Management From Switzerland. His passion and compassion both lies with Saltt!

He has been the man behind the renaissance of catering industry.

Sachin totally compliments Sammir making it an ideal team. His sharp business acumen and his love for numbers makes him the man behind the brand Saltt.

Catering Facilities
Specialities Creative presentation of dishes. Some unique dishes - Watermelon ki subzi, sattu risotto, litchi ke kebab, peanut curry with appam, steam idli with thai curry, gulab jamun ki subzi, oreo shahi tukda, litchi stuffed jamun, gulab jamun cheese cake, beasan ladoo dipped in dark and white chocolate and brownie kulfi
Minimum Guarantee 100 ppl to 3500 ppl
Catering Cuisine
International Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, European, Chinese, Pan Asian, Thai, Lebanese, French, Italian
Indian Awadhi / Mughlai, Kashmiri, Chettinad, Frontier, Punjabi, Rajasthani
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