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Tandoori Nights Catering

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Tandoori Nights Catering

Tandoori Night’s Grand Catering Services came into existence in 1996. Since then it has maintained an impeccable reputation of creative cuisines, flawless event execution and unparalleled customer services through a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from various five star hotels of great repute. Owned and nurtured by Chef Lalit Tuli and his better half Sakshi Tuli, the company has proudly catered quite a few prestigious international events and high profile weddings, weaving their culinary magic for more than 15 years
Catering Facilities
Minimum Guarantee 100 ppl to 3500 ppl
Catering Cuisine
International Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, European, Chinese, Pan Asian, Thai, Lebanese, French, Italian
Indian Awadhi / Mughlai, Kashmiri, Chettinad, Frontier, Punjabi, Rajasthani
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  • Product Code: C-MC-011-001
Rs 2,000
Ex Tax: Rs 2,000

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