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Singer Rex D'souza

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Singer Rex D'souza

Rex D'Souza, born in 1981, from Mumbai. was one of the three finalists of Fame Gurukul, one of the most watched television shows in India in 2005. The show's premise was to select a pair of India's best singers/performers. On Fame Gurukul, Rex was characterized as having a good mixture of charisma, singing and confidence. Rex D'souza won the support of many fans due to his personality and talent, which earned him the title of Mr. Gurukul. Rex D'souza's infectious smile made the girls go weak in their knees but couldn't make it to the Fame Jodi. But that didn't dampened his spirits a week after Fame Gurukul announced its winners. He has taken it in his stride and is now doing stage shows around the world, along with singing for Bollywood movies. He is here for the love of performing, he enjoys being on stage and it’s not his style to be nervous
Artist's Portfolio
Credentials He was one of the three finalists of Fame Gurukul , one of the most watched television shows in India in 2005
Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9rZhZunrck
Performance Details
No. of Performers Rex D'souza itself and 5 band members with to perform on stage
Performance Duration 2 to 2.5 hrs
Requirements from client
Accommodation 3 triple occupancy and 2 double occupancy
Travel if event is out of Delhi. 7 economy class air tickets
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  • Product Code: E-S-011-131
Rs 165,000
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