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Singer Nidhi Kohli

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Singer Nidhi Kohli

Nidhi Kohli, a cute and beautiful looking versatile performer, has come a long way in the entertaining industry. She has immense experience of entertaining huge crowds, which has assisted her to build a good reputation in the industry. Nidhi has a unique style of singing, which has the potential to make even non dancers groove to her beats.Nidhi Kohli has also participated in various singing talent shows, which includes V Super Singer aired on Channel V and Aawaz Punjab Di on MH-1 Punjabi Channel. Rafi Samaroh in 2003 with Aman Verma, Amrish Puri and Pinaz Misani. Mitsubishi Dealers Meet Delhi – 2004. New Year 2007 – Huda Gymkhana Club, Gurgaon. Nidhi kohli preformed in hotel Hilton, Janakpuri, New Delhi (2009) Bhopal utsav (2010) Panchmadi Mahotsav (2010) Rajasthan Dandiya tour, 4 cities (2011) New Year celebrations in Citi park hotel, Ludhiana, (2012) Dreamz come true performed in Lahore, Pakistan. Baisakhi 2014 at pitampura Delhi
Artist's Portfolio
Credentials Zee Saregamapa Top 10 Finalist 2012 Umang Utsav paints awards 2014 She is a winner of the latter show, i.e. Aawaz Punjab Di
Performance Details
No. of Performers Nidhi kohli with 5 piece band
Performance Duration 2hr to 2.5hr
Requirements from client
Accommodation if function is out of delhi
Travel if function is out of delhi
Green Room Yes, it is to be provided with all
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  • Product Code: E-S-011-151
Rs 150,000
Ex Tax: Rs 150,000

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