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Sulabh Nagpal

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Sulabh Nagpal

Musical journey took wings when he won the first reality show on radio, hosted by Big 92.7 Fm. Through this reality show got an opportunity to sing with the living legend SONU NIGAM in different cities of India (Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore & Mumbai) and even opened the concerts for SONU NIGAM. During this reality show got training through many well known artists of Bollywood like SHAAN, KUNAL GANJAWALA, YASIN DARBAR, Monty Sharma, Etc. Won Voice of Delhi (talent hunt show) in 2010. Was chosen in the top 10 vocalists in MTV ROCK ON.
Artist's Portfolio
Credentials Have also performed with Vishal & Shekhar (Music Directors), Sreeram (Indian Idol 5).
Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u34dIajVFxs
Performance Details
No. of Performers Band of total 7 musician and singer sulabh nagpal
Performance Duration 2hr 30mins
Requirements from client
Accommodation If the show is out of Delhi, accommodation to provided to all memebers
Green Room 1 Green room required
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  • Product Code: E-S-011-068
Rs 175,000
Ex Tax: Rs 175,000

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