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Flute Player Baljinder singh

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Flute Player Baljinder singh

Baljinder has been few Indian flutist who have made a conscious effort to reach out & expand the audience of the ‘Flute’ & aroused interest of the common man in ‘Flute’.His dedication & talent allowed him to gain eye catching popularity. His charming personality reflected in his charming ways to play flute Baljinder has an ongoing learning attitude, fertile musical mind with an in depth understanding of the likings of the audience allowed him to become the most sought flute player & a constant demand from fans and promoters for performances in all corners of the India. His passion to music & ardent desire to propagate music led to establishment of a 'Music Studio' in the name of 'Soor Taal', which is allowing him to further understand & experiment with music.
Artist's Portfolio
Credentials He has received many awards but gets emotional about his 'First Gold Medal at National Youth Festival held at, Chennai-India.He was also awarded with 'Soor Shri' (by Ushna Raktha-an institute involved in promoting Indian music & culture).
Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmX-omuSxhs
Performance Details
No. of Performers 5 persons including main flute artist baljinder singh.
Performance Duration 2.5 hrs
Requirements from client
Accommodation 1 triple ocupancy and 1 double occupancy room in 5 star hotel
Travel 1 business class and 4 economy class air tickets
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  • Product Code: E-SA-011-149
Rs 450,000
Ex Tax: Rs 450,000

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