Being your ultimate guide for everything weddings, it is our utmost duty (a pleasurable one) to make sure that each element of your wedding is nothing less than perfect. Right from your mehendi design, wedding outfit to the decor, we are here to give you just the right kind of inspirations to make your wedding a memorable affair.

So, today we bring your notice to the most sanctified corner of your wedding, i,e, the Mandap. This sacred corner witnesses the Saat Pheras, which is the most beautiful moment of union shared between two souls. Right kind of setup and decor can further accentuate the beauty of this cherishable moment (and photographs). So here we bring to you the most mesmerizing mandap decor ideas to ensure that you have the most dreamy Pheras!  

Royal Mandap
A Traditional royal look mandap for your royal wedding with some floral arrangements is a good option if that’s the kind of theme you are going for in your wedding.

Floating Mandap

Your wedding mandap decoration will be one of the most significant and much-photographed part of a traditional Indian wedding. After all, this is the place where you take your pheras and the saat-vachans - the first step towards your happily ever after!

Fairytale Mandap

Every girl fantasizes her grand day to be like a perfect ending in a fairytale. This type of mandap is decked up with sheer pastel colored panels, huge chandeliers and your favourite flowers. Mandap is highly elegant and serves as the pristine canopy under which the couple vows to be together.

Peach Pink Mandap

In the time of traditional wedding mandap designs with bright and vibrant colours such as red, some people are opting for soft colours like sky blue, peach and baby pink. Such mandaps can be decked up with beautiful flowers and bright lights to bring forth a magical effect. The flower decoration pattern has to be chosen carefully and the flowers should be fresh.

Crystalised Floral Mandap

Make that statement.Your mandap decor is its entity or simply one statement piece that’s eye-catching, impressive and daring. It’s your big day, make it big.

Blissful Beach Mandap

A Mandap standing elegantly between the infinity pool and the deep blue sea? If your venue provides you the option of a pool or a beach mandap, you couldn’t ask for more! The already-divine-look does not need much more than a nice fresh flower decor.

Chandelier Mandap

Flowers and drapes are everywhere, but nothing – read NOTHING adds to the sophistication index of an indoor mandap like glittering, shimmering chandeliers!

No matter what your color scheme or theme – the radiance and class added by delicate chandeliers to your decor is unmatched!

Spilling Floral Mandap

This mandap with flowers in all shades spilling out looks so modern and stunning! This is a good idea for a morning or evening winter wedding.

The Outdoorsy Mandap

Sometimes keeping the focus on one decor element for your mandap decor or keeping the colours within a similar family can be just enough to make your mandap decor splendidly magical.