In Talk with Aditi Gupta 

"If there's a will, there's a way, a quote that describes Ms. Aditi Gupta, an anchor, voice-over artist, singer, model and actor, who has achieved a lot in her life. Here we present an insight into the inspiring story of Aditi Gupta."

When did you begin and how was the journey so far?

I began my career in 2010 and I am working since. It will turn into 10 years in 2020. I used to work in Citibank and had a 9 to 6-hour job and I had my life settled. My family was happy that I was stable but I wasn’t. I told myself, “ Change is the only way” and wanted to do different things and finally I entered into this industry. My life has always been challenging and my journey was not easy. It had many Ups and Downs. 

While I was doing so well with my life, I was confident, settled and known, I was newly dating someone back then. My life was bright and happy and it was something out of a dream. That’s when I had a major downfall. I met with a car accident and my nose broke, my back broke and even my tongue had a cut which is why, the doctors said that I will remain dumb my whole life and won’t be able to talk or even sing. That was a shock and I completely broke down and was bedridden. That turned my life upside down.

The accident and all those injuries affected my face and body. I wasn’t beautiful anymore. It affected my career, my confidence, my life and my relationship. The guy I was dating, who proposed me, avoided me all of a sudden. It was unexpected for me and I was helpless. I went to the doctors and still it wasn’t improving. My life was a mess with no support. I was completely devastated financially, mentally and physically. My family and the society always advised me to adjust but my personality was stubborn and determined. I cannot adjust and I wanted to fight for what I had. When the hopes weren’t high, I had to work on it and bring it back. 

It took me two years and finally I was getting what I had. My life is real and it might sound like a movie, but it is not. When I wanted someone to be there, it was me who was there with myself. It’s just the drive that I always had for my career, the negative motivation from the people who left me and the positivity for myself that led me to fight again. And here I am, worked on many projects in various places like Dubai, Australia, etc. 

Now I am a known Anchor and Singer and I am happy and aspire to become more successful.

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Who is your inspiration?

I belong to a Bengali Family, so my upbringing and the culture I have inherited is of an artist. I was into this since I was born. My own personality has also helped me to inspire myself every day. I have read many books and motivational videos. The heartbreak that I went through, has also motivated me enough to get that will power.

If you ever feel low, what is your motivational mantra?

Whenever I am low, I motivate myself by observing people around me. The people who are in a more miserable state yet they somehow live. They still struggle and their needs are basic yet they fight every day. I compare my problems and I feel I am in a better place and I can do better. That is my motivational mantra and I hope this mantra motivates many others who are somewhere there, trying hard and depressed and demotivated. 


We heard that you have also done theatre. What kind of roles have you done?

I have done 2 to 3 plays which weren’t major but mostly on social issues. I always wanted to help people and do some social work. Although, I have started doing events for NGOs and Cancer Work, but I wanted to do more and help more on that part. Theatre was meant to test my acting capability and I  didn’t want to pursue it. I always had a zeal for anchoring and I focused on that career. Now I can say, I am established enough to try different lines. And sooner, I will be working for a web series and I hope the audience love it. 


You love travelling, cultures and languages. Which culture fascinates you the most and what do you like about it?

I love every culture and they all fascinate me. I am more into “Jaisa Desh Waisa Bhais”.If I travel to China, I am Chinese or Indian, if I travel to India.  As an Indian too, I respect every religion and I celebrate every festival. Be it Eid, Navratri or Christmas.



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Who is your favourite anchor in the present Industry?

Mandira Bedi is my favourite anchor. She is such an inspiring woman who manages her personal and professional life both very beautifully. She has also worked in the movie “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” where she did an amazing work. The way she does her work and carries herself is so wonderful. I love her style. 

Who has been your support system?

My family had always been there but at the same time, I never felt that mental support that I needed. My friends and a few colleagues have also helped me. My past and present scenario also supports me to get through life and I am doing pretty well. And now, amazingly I am engaged to someone who is really supportive and I hope we always support each other and love each other. 


I hope the people who are having a bad time and finding it hard to pursue your dreams, are inspired enough and just like Ms. Aditi Gupta, you can make your dreams come true.

As told to the Eventilators Team.

Picture Credits: Aditi Gupta