The Percussionist - Darpan Dua

When it comes to setting the stage on fire with high on energy performances, Darpan Dua and his team comes to mind. Let's take a look into the life of one of the best percussionists in the country!

What inspired you to become a percussionist?

In a time of safe play, not everyone has the guts to follow his/her dream. Defying the society norms, Darpan Dua made a different from the herd career choice. When posed  the question about his inspiration to become a percussionist, Darpan confidently responded that he followed his passion for music and specially his pull towards Rhythm


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Share an experience with a difficult client.

An artist has to deal with all kinds of clients. There are smooth experiences and sometimes not so smooth ones. Every artist has his own share of client handling experiences. The one issue oftenly faced by Darpan is when the clients' expectations are of the best performance possible while when it comes to budget, they tighten their purse strings.  But being an established artist like Darpan himself, he knows his ways around such situations and is more than clam about tackling them.

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What's your favorite soundtrack from your collection?

Darpan surely has a varied taste when it comes to music. The artist enjoys listening to the likes of Kishore Kumar, Aijit Singh and various Sufi singers. 

Share a moment when you faced failure in your career.

Though failures are a part of the game, Darpan believes he has been a blessed soul and by the grace of God, he did not have to face failures in his career. He holds immense faith in his caliber and the most, in his God. Given his talent it can be safely assumed Darpan will continue to have a flourishing career and would touch new heights.  

Tell us your favorite artists.

While Darpan is an incredible artist himself, he certainly looks up to artists like Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam and many more.


If given a choice what alternative career would you choose?

To this Darpan responded as "I would have been a Singer, Musician, Dancer or Emcee but for sure would have been into events and entertainment industry for sure". 

As told to the Eventilators Team by Darpan Dua.