Vanshika Chawla: Her Journey

"Finding what you love, and giving the opportunity to others to let them find theirs, is a quality that is rare." 

Let's talk about Vanshika Chawla, a renowned make-up artist who has come a long way and also has her own institute where she educates about Beauty and Make-up.

How and When did you begin your career?

Well, I was always interested in the make-up but was not really convinced of pursuing a career. 

Just like every parent, my parents wanted me to complete my graduation and so I did. After finishing my school, I went into the Fashion Designing line and did a graduation in NIFT. Then I worked for a few years and realized I wanted to switch it and become a make-up artist. 

I started hunting for institutes online but in India, there weren’t many options to get that kind of advanced knowledge. I had my own checklist, but no institute was fitting into it. So I started looking outside the country. That’s when I found London School of Beauty and Make-up. After completing, I went for freelancing and also side by side, I was doing my job. 

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What led you to open a training Institute for make-up and hair-styling courses?

I went for a guest lecture in NIFT and I loved it. It was a great experience and so the thought of opening institute came to my mind. Again, I went to London for Education and Training. While I was out, my father, a civil engineer, opened an institute for me. He helped me a lot and when I was back, it was ready. And we have good amount of students who are keen to learn. BrushUp is India's First Professional Make-up Artistry Learning Academy and has a tie-up with MASA (Makeup Art Standards Authority) London.

Even I learn a lot from them. There is always a new technique to get the best of make-up. I believe in co-learning. Initially, we struggled but now it is good. I personally prepared the curriculum giving knowledge about the techniques that I learned while I was in London. And some rules that are must, like high standard rules of maintaining hygiene.

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Would you like to tell something briefly about the training courses you provide?

There are like 40 artists in our team and the students who graduate from our institute, become our junior and senior artists. We give them assignments when we get one, with the variation of budget. Now, after establishing, my charges are a bit high. But with other artists, who learn more and gain experience, who have just begun, I charge according to the industry panel. So we can provide for everyone with different budget group.

What is one product that you cannot do without?

The one product that I would never miss is my Eye-liner. I personally don’t use that much of make-up and prefer doing my signature wing liner. Sometimes, I use lipstick.

Some basic make-up hacks that you would like to share?

There are many but some major hacks are:

    1. When you are applying make-up on a mature skin, do a smudged-out eyeliner. Due to the lines on the skin, it gets cracked.
    2. When you have a close set of eyes, don’t forget to highlight the inner corners.
      • Try to go for cream products and then use powder, it gives intensity and longevity.
        • Do note the expiry date of your products.
          • Brush out the extra mascara with a brush.
          • And always maintain hygiene.

          What kind of challenges do you face?

          The biggest challenge I face is with customers who want to look fair. When I apply make-up on a dusky skin, they demand of applying more powder to lighten their skin. It then leaves their skin looking grey. I personally love dusky tones and I do more experiments with the tone as the results are quite good.

          And other challenges I face are my relatives who expect me to do it for free. And customers who ask me about my charges for bridal make-up. And after that, they demand for lighter make-up. While the process is the same, they have this thinking that both are quite different. 

          Another thing is discipline and punctuality and I never compromise with it. 

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          What are your plans for future expansion?

           It might take a while but I am planning to open another academy and a studio. I also want to open Salon and expand it. Hopefully, I do it sooner. 

          We hope her journey inspires you to pursue your aim.

          As told to the Eventilators Team by Vanshika Chawla.

          Picture Credits: Vanshika Chawla