Getting to Know Ms. Rajni Gupta

Phalahaar meaning "Fruit Meal". Based on a very innovative and creative concept, of creating a bouquet of fruits. They have come up with this idea and still is fresh just like their motto of making fruit bouquets to match health with happiness.
The concept was introduced by Ms. Rajni Gupta, an entrepreneur and designed by Ms. Neha Jain.
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Let's know more about their journey.

How did you come with a concept of "Fruit Bouquet"?

One day, me and my niece were sitting and were packing a fruit basket and my niece came up with an idea of fruit bouquet and combined fruits and flowers and made it into a bouquet which looked beautiful and creative.

How did it go in the beginning for "Phalahaar"?

It went well since the first day. Everybody loved the idea and we started off with free samples and distributed them among our friends and family. We promoted it through word-of-mouth and slowly with time, it got famous.

Tell us one of your best experience with clients.

Best is the fact that the customers we have had, are all our permanent customers now. And touchwood! It has been good since.

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What kind of challenges you face with clients?

We have the motto of making fruit bouquets to match health with happiness. We make sure the fruits should be fresh but it gets challenging during the peak summers. The quality is the biggest challenge. We had to give free gifts to our customers to make our customer relationship strong. Most of the time, our money even got refunded.

How would you describe the achievement of Phalahaar? Has it reached to the level you thought it would?

It's been great to come this far but we have much bigger plans and want to acquire the market in PAN India level. That's how much we want to grow.

An interview with Phalahaar by Eventilators Team.

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