" While many aspire to reach higher and taste success, here we have Mr. Prashaant Jha, who is helping many artists in the industry to get that platform. Let's know more about him through this blog."

When did you start your career and how did you reach so far?

I started my career in 2010 after dropping out of college. I always used to sing but I never thought of pursuing a career in the music industry. But when I was in college, I suddenly had this urge of doing something in the music field and that’s when I diverged all my focus to music career.  

I had no idea of music and I didn’t know where to start. I was clueless so I started my career by singing, then writing songs and then composing music. I worked so hard and one day, while I was travelling by a local train, I saw a man playing manjira. He was the same man who played a song for the movie “Sholay”.

I was awestruck and it made me think differently. That’s what inspired me to help various artists like him get the kind of recognition they deserve to reach a bigger platform. So, I came up with a concept of revenue sharing which most companies don’t bother with. That’s when I started my own label “SHOONYA IKKA STUDIOS & FILMS™”, a music label that’s a  Distributor of music.

In my label, I work with various artists and the income is divided into different percentage ratio and given accordingly. 

Even though the road was not easy but I took that road and reached where I am now. And recently, I wrote a song “ Notebandi Song”.

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If not this profession, what alternative career you would have preferred?

If not music, I would have been a Scientist. I loved Physics and the universe always fascinated me. I am writing an asteroid based song “ Oumuamua”. 

Who has been your inspiration?

I am a die-hard fan of Madonna and she has been my inspiration but then I also started admiring Sonu Nigam, who I feel is my Guru and I have tried to adapt his style.

Which is the best you like to do among Rapping, Singing and Directing?

I like to compose music because it showcases your identity. Then I love Singing followed by Rapping and also I am writing a film script which is based on a Sci-Fi Horror: Ramak.

What made you write a movie script? It’s totally another field.

Again, I developed a recent interest and I am a believer of listening to my heart. And experimenting and exploring different options have always been my thing. So, I am starting with this too.

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Last but not the least, who has been your support system?

When I dropped out, my parents weren’t happy just like any other parents but they still supported me and helped me reach here. I had my confidence and I knew that I could do something. And they believed me and have always been my support system.

Here's a video of his work:

So, no matter where you are, you will always find a way. 

As told to the Eventilators Team by Mr. Prashaant Jha.
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