Vaishnavi Singh Chandel -  Xtreme Dance Company

Celebration surely resonates with dance and Xtreme Dance Company is here to bring out the dancer in you! Let us hear how Vaishnavi managed to become the choreographer who can teach the most gracious of the routines with least of the efforts.

What was your inspiration behind your career choice?

Ditching the herd mindset, Vaishnavi followed her passion to become a wedding choreographer. It certainly takes some amount of courage to do what your heart wants and she has proved to be a part of that league. Be it Groom to be, Bride to be or the families involved, Vaishanvi and team is set to bring out the best of the moves. Their work of style also assures that practicing the routine would not take away any fun out of the wedding. 

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What attracted you towards event industry?

Definitely the trend of this industry and the ever booming potential are two of the biggest reasons behind Vaishnavi's attraction towards it. Also, she believes that dance should always be coupled with enjoyment and weddings are one such occasions where people dance to enjoy and enjoy to dance! 

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Share a dark side of choreography and dance community in general.

To get an insider view we posed the above question but fortunately for Vaishnavi and her partner, Rajat Mishra, there has been no dark side to the community. They have trust in their work and their commitment

towards their assignments has kept them away from any sour experiences.


Tell us an incident when you had to deal with a difficult client.

Xtreme Dance Company is all about positive vibes. They believe that clients are never difficult and it is just the way they treat them and how they communicate with them which defines client's behavior towards them .  


Share one of your best experiences with a client.

Out of many great experiences, Vaishnavi managed to pick one destination wedding she and her partner did which stood out. One thing that made this event stand out for Vaishnavi was, "they (the client and guests) treated us just like their family members". 

One track you love to choreograph.

Every choreographer has a track which they absolutely love to dance to and for Vaishanvi those songs are 'Morni ban ke' and 'afreen afreen'. Book Xtreme Dance Company if you wish to rock these songs at your wedding! 

As told to the Eventilators Team by Vaishnavi Singh Chandel.