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The Maze Theme

Your venue will look like a swanky nightclub, complete with LEDs, lazer lights, thematic graphics and lots more!

Entrance and Passage treatment:
03 U shaped truss with flex panels as per theme shall be placed at main entrance of the venue as per theme.

Visual block:
01 number double sided visual block as per theme shall be provided in the lawn entrance which shall double up as photo-booth. (Props for photo booth to be provided by client)

Covered lounges:
02 no covered lounges with backdrop and ceiling as per theme shall be provided. The backdrop shall have backlit jaali as per theme. Crystal chandelier shall be suspended from the ceiling as per theme. SS stands with color scheme matching candle cover and battery operated tea-lights shall be placed as props at strategic locations around the lounge

The stage backdrop shall have flex panels, backlit jali panels and niche for a led wall. The ceiling shall have theme matching fabric drapes and crystals.

Round Table Arrangements:
Tall crystal trees with moti jhaar and flowers shall be provided on each round table as per theme. The tree shall be accessorized with battery operated tea light candles.

Food canopies and backdrop:
Top covering canopy using industrial truss shall be created. The ceiling shall be accessorized with crystals as per theme. The backdrop shall have flex panels and backlit jaali as per theme.

General and theme lighting shall be provided.

Decor Elements
Food Canopies 100 feet running buffet with 08 feet top covering canopy using industrial truss
Furniture 10 - 12 number square tables with theme matching underlays and overlays shall be provided. 120 high back chairs with theme matching overlays shall be provided.
Entrance Size 10x8 feet , 3 trusses
Lounge Size 24 x 12 x 6 feet , 2 lounges
Stage Size 24 x 16 x 1.5 feet height
Ambiance Lighting 10 Hellogens , 20 colorfull meta lights, 50 Pac cane
Requirements from client
Power Consumption 1 Generator of minimum 125kw and 1 Generator of 65kw
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