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Our Aquaden designer swimming pool is beautifully complimented by our designer pool side café/Bar.Sip a tall, cool drink. Soak in some stunning views. Aquaden is the perfect venue for cosy conversations, casual, lazy evenings and a quick, delicious snack. If marriages are made in heaven, this is a paradise of a venue with the most exotic aura to match the splendour of this divine day. Your dream of having a grand wedding reception at a special banquet, on lush green lawn, with dancing fountains enhancing the beauty of the event, variety of excellent delicacies and enthralled guests will be fulfilled here. The beautifully landscaped, open-air venue, Aquaden lawn is ideal for receptions, private parties, pool parties and corporate events. The contoured lawn of the banquet is designed to offer an unobstructed view of the stage from all the sides and has a capacity to accommodate 400 people. This banquet hotel is known for its speciality delicacies served at the wedding reception occasions. One of the best banquets of Delhi offers exclusive and customized arrangements that make it the first choice as an ideal wedding reception hotel.

Venue Facilities
Stage Platform No
Valet Parking Yes
Elevator No
Air Conditioned No
Outdoor Catering Not allowed
Outdoor Alcohol Not allowed
Wi-fi/Internet No
Non-Vegetarian Buffet Yes
Convenience Available
Pre-Function Area Info. will be available soon
Function Area Info. will be available soon
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  • Product Code: V-FH-011-001
Rs 1,500
Ex Tax: Rs 1,500

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