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Emerald Greens at Tivoli Garden, GT Karnal Road

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Emerald Greens at Tivoli Garden, GT Karnal Road

If hosting an outdoor event is your prime intention, then we have splendid Emerald Green waiting for you. Set in a fairy tale backdrop of lush greenery and vast ground, the Emerald Green lives up to its name in every sense. Just add a spell of lovely weather & great atmosphere and you have a perfect balmy evening to enjoy with your guests. Like always, we will offer assistance and make sure that you enjoy your event to the most, and get the best out of the many facilities offered at the Emerald Green. We will cater to your demand of customizing your event and add to it a dash of your personal taste, so as to make your evening an unforgettable experience. Even though the events take place in our outdoor venue, we make sure that the parameters of comfort and luxury are not compromised in any way, and you have a grand evening to remember, at the end of the day.

Location -  Main G.T.Karnal Road, Jindpur, New Delhi. 110036

Venue Facilities
Stage Platform NO
Valet Parking Yes
Elevator NA
Air Conditioned No
Outdoor Catering No
Outdoor Alcohol No
Alcohol Yes
Wi-fi/Internet NO
Non-Vegetarian Buffet Yes
Convenience Yes
Pre-Function Area NA
Function Area 40000sq feet
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  • Product Code: V-FH-011-007
Rs 1,700
Ex Tax: Rs 1,700

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