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AASMA Dance Troupe - Bollywood

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AASMA Dance Troupe - Bollywood

In 2003 Aasma Dance Company was founded by Mr. Ashish Mathur & Ms. Sonia Verma, who have been collaborating for many years. They have performed together throughout the Europe (Spain, Poland, Germany), Midwest including Norway, Swedeen and many more countries. Their work has been featured in Dance , Around the Bollywood Festival & Hungary Carnival, Open House Dance Collective and Collaborations. Aasma Dance Company believes dance should be created for the audience as well as the dancers. Using observation to fuel their dance liberates them to create outside of the box.
Artist's Portfolio
Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEUSP0CgCYE
Performance Details
No. of Performers 3 Boys & 3 Girls
Performance Duration Total 5 performances of 5-7 mins each
Requirements from client
Accommodation To be provided if out of delhi
Travel To be provided if out of delhi
Green Room 3 Green Rooms Compulsory
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  • Product Code: E-D-011-002
Rs 60,000
Ex Tax: Rs 60,000

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