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Chandelier Bar

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Chandelier Bar

Serve Champagne the ONLY way it should be served. Our beautiful performer pours flutes of champagne while literally hanging upside down in the air, suspended from a Chandelier Bar! Surprise your guests with this stunning, unique and one of a kind Aerial Baretending Act!
Artist's Portfolio
Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8pndiZi7ko
Performance Details
Equipment Champagne Bar Frame
No. of Performers 1 Russian Girl Acrobatic, 1 manager
Performance Duration 5 performance of 15 min each
Requirements from client
Accommodation To be provided in a 4 or 5 star property for outstation event
Suspension Point We require a CE certified ‘Goal Post’ Truss for suspending the artist. Alternatively a secure point of suspension such as an overhead metal grid is also fine, as long as it is professionally made. Suspension from a crane is also possible!
Travel The travel from Goa (or Delhi) will be via economy air return for 2,
Green Room 1 Green room compulsory
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  • Product Code: E-SA-011-011
Rs 80,000
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Ex Tax: Rs 80,000

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